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Paul Cornish

Bob Cushing
Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals

Josie Tate
Backing Vocalist

Pete Edwards

Barry Fogg
Tenor Sax

Mark 'Walter Le Dark' Reynolds - Guitar and Keyboards

Musical influences:
Zappa, Genesis, David Bowie, Aaron Copeland, Ottorini Respighi

Previous ( and or current ) bands / projects:
Le Dark’s Park, Article “A”, Final Demand, Area 51, Strictly Biznis, Headzup, Rough Terrain

Instruments played:
Guitar, sitar, keyboards, vibraslap

Equipment used:
Fender Stratocaster (Japanese 1992), Boss ME 50 Pedal, Marshall 100w combo', Matt Umanov “Thin” plectrums

Other occupations:
Employment and Career Consultant and Motivational Trainer

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Jake Jacobs
Lead Guitar

David ‘Jim’ James

Mark 'Walter Le Dark' Reynolds
Guitar and Keyboards

Jess Edwards
Backing Vocals and percussion

Martin Ward
Drums and Percussion