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Paul Cornish

Bob Cushing
Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals

Josie Tate
Backing Vocalist

Pete Edwards

Barry Fogg
Tenor Sax

Jake Jacobs – Lead Guitar

Musical influences:
Too many to mention but here’s a few:
My cousin David Western who was a brilliant guitarist and a big influence on my playing, others include Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather and Robben Ford.

Previous ( and or current ) bands / projects:
It started with small pub bands in my late teens, I then joined a band call Headline with Jim & Bev Maryan playing clubs up and down the country for a few years, then came back and started a band called Cry Freedom in conjunction with another band Tuxedo Junction. Once they had run their course I teamed up with Lee Jacobs and Gary Woods putting together Whippet a rocky blues power trio. As well as the regular gigs Whippet supported and toured with the likes of Doctor Feelgood, 9 Below Zero, and the Mighty 45’s. I now play in band called The Gophers with Tim Marriott & Kev West.
And of course not forgetting Steemy Dan

Instruments played:
Guyton Guitars, Fender, Gibson, Larrivee, JK Custom, Ovation

Equipment used:
Messa Boogie, Peavey, Rocktron, TC Electronics, G Force

Other Occupations:
Electronics Engineer

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Jake Jacobs
Lead Guitar

David ‘Jim’ James

Mark 'Walter Le Dark' Reynolds
Guitar and Keyboards

Jess Edwards
Backing Vocals and percussion

Martin Ward
Drums and Percussion